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If you are like me you enjoy the opportunity to try different software, programs and apps.  One of the best opportunities is through a website located here: where everyday they have a different piece of software that for 24hrs, you can download and try and keep for no charge as long as you do it within the time limits.

Today Monday Feb. 4, 2013, they have two available. The one I am interested in is  I was so excited when I read the description regarding the things that can be done with the program. I, as usual downloaded, installed and gave it a try. Yeepee, I LOVE it. There is so much that one can do with the program, I cannot wait to really have the time to play. In the meantime, I suggest that you, should you be interested in this or any other product from the same developer that you check it out not only on the above website, but on their own site as well which is located here

After I have had the opportunity to play with todays giveaway, I will write a complete review for your pleasure, I make no punches and do not sugar coat my reviews.


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