Beading Pattern E-Books

I have a page for patterns, but since there are some that come in book form, I thought you might like to have them in a seperate area, so I made this page for those.

Happy Beading.

7Peyote_Stitch_Pattern-26 pages     A_Day_at_the_Seashore_E

a_gift_for_lois_lane_M_lowres          Afternoon_Tea_M     aikanaka_necklace

ambers_hat_pin_E_lowres      amethyst_lariat_style_necklace_M

anchor_blue_bracelet_E     Angel_Wing_Charms_Pendants_E

aphelia_choker_M     April_flowers_earrings_E     barbed_necklace

around_the_world_necklace_M     ball_and_chain_bracelet_M_lowres

Beachcomber_anklet_E     beachy_blue_bracelet_M_lowres

Bead & Wire Memo Stand     BeadBraceletFreem%20(2)  Brick-Stitch

before_the_butterfly_bracelet_M     between_the_buttons_M

black_onyx_bracelet_M     bloom_disk_loop_bracelet_E

blue_desert_necklace_E     blue_jean_button_M    blue_moonday_watch_D

blue_pearls_101_M    blue_sky_fantasy_M_lowres   crock_zipper_pull_E

branching_out_necklace_D    brilliance_necklace_E   cluster_earrings_D   Jewelry for You Consumer Crafts eBook-Beaded-36 pages

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