Free Beading Patterns

As I do a lot of beading in all areas of beading, I have a ton of patterns. I would like to share these with you here. Most of them will be in a PDF format, so all you will have to do is click on the link. It should open in a seperate page or tab for you and if you like it, you can then save it to your computer.

These will be in various techniques, but I will try to let you know in advance the technique used. Sometimes my brain is kinda slow, because

Yep he sure did

911_TRAGEDY_PATTERN-beads  (Brick Stitch)  db_quiltrose-beaded-1 page  dv_amuletbag-beaded-1 page   flower-beaded-10 pages   Indian Maiden Earrings-Beaded-1 page   kokopelli_scene-beaded-1 page   kwanzaamask-beaded-11 pages   pink_and_black_mini_dress-beaded-2 pages   puppy-beaded-8 pages   seedbeadearrings-1 page   white_buffalo-earrings-beaded-1 page  Make your own Beads-6 pages

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