Free Crochet Patterns and E-Books

On this page you will be able to download free Crochet patterns. These are from my collection, but they are not owned by me. These will all be in PDF format, so make sure you will be able to open PDF files, which most computers have the ability.

Enjoy and Happy Crocheting!

Hexagon Afghan-Crochet-4 pages                  Hooded Scarf-Crochet-3 pages
Log Cabin Afghan-Crochet-5 pages               Lunch Bag-Crochet-3 pages
Patchwork Bag-Crochet-3 pages                     Ripple Scarf-Crochet-3 pages
Smart Phone Cozy-Crochet-3 pages              Striped Tote Bag-Crochet-3 pages
Wristers-Crochet-3 pages                              School Spirit Scarves- Crochet-6 pages
Mesh shaw-Crochet-2 pages                   Crochet patterns e-book-crochet-12 pages
22Free Crochet Patterns-51 pages                Crocket Shrug-3 pages
Baby-Love-eBook-from-Red-Heart-Yarn-knit and crochet-38 pages
(The above e-book has both Crochet and Knitting Patterns)
Griddle Stitch Pouch-Crochet-3 Pages        Grit Stitch Pouch-Crochet-3 pages
Half Double Crochet Pouch-3 pages                Single Crochet Pouch-3 pages
Jolly Holiday 2011 eBook-knit and crochet-34 pages
(The above E-Book has both Crochet and Knitted Patterns)

Butterfly Pin-Crochet-5 pages                        Crochet Squares Afghan-3 pages

Crochet your own Stitch Markers

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