Woodworking is Endless with Possibilities

To me one of the best mediums to work with in doing crafts or other projects is wood. There is just so much one can make with wood, that the only limitation is your minds imagination.

With wood, one can build an entire home, home furnishings, toys, home decor, outdoor garden storage sheds, garages and more than I would ever have the room here to list.

I personally love the look and feel of the wood itself; and when woods are mixed together, some really facinating and heirloom items can be produced. I personally only use wood that I can be guaranteed have been gathered in the proper manner and not taken from the forest without proper permissions. This is a source that is very close to my heart and I will not destroy a living tree.

Wood can be turned on a lathe to produce some of the most eye catching bowls, urns, lamps or candle holders along with a million other items. My personal preference is the natural beauty of the wood, seeing the grain and the knots but I know there are times when paint must be applied to preserve the wood itself from rot and worms or other types of invasions.

No matter what your preference is, wood is one of the nicest crafting materials, or at least in my own personal opinion.

Wood was one of the first materials that were used by mankind. It was used to make spears, coffins and carvings. Some of these track back to the Neanderthals between 32,000 – 33,000 years ago and the Bronze Age.


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