Woodworking Plans and Patterns

As I LOVE working with wood, I wanted to share a few projects that are pretty simple to make. I hope that you will enjoy these and when you make something, I would love to see a photo and have your feedback.

These are not patterns that I personally developed, but rather have located and collected from various resources. I am more than happy to share them here with you. If you have any that you too would like to share, I will be most appreciative.

Happy Sawdusting!

Adjustable wooden chair-woodworing-28 pages

Antique style jewelry box plan-woodworking-50 pages

Corner Plant Holder-woodworking-16 pages

Folding step ladder plan-woodworking-23 pages

Garden Hammock with Stand-woodworking-21 pages

Lightweight tripod easel plan-woodworking-10 pages

Medieval Chair-woodworking-21 pages

Stool Katarina-woodworking-7 pages

Timber Stool-woodworking-10 pages

Wooden modular wine rack-woodworking-13 pages


Rocking airplane kids toy-36 pages

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