My Memorial Page

Sandy, We Shall Always Have You In Our Hearts!

This page is for my way of grieving the loss of my special animal. Sandy was a while Alsation (German Shepherd). We were given him as a gift in 2003. Sandy was born on September 16 2003 and he became ours in December of that same year. We started out only looking after him for the true owners, while they were away on holiday. When they returned, Sandy had been with us for so long that they sent him back around to us with a sign around his neck that said he wanted to adopt us as his, so he did and he has been with us ever since.

He was our protector and friend. He was like a child to us and we are now so heart broken and have an empty space in our hearts. He developed cancer in his right shoulder and in turn it progressed very rapidly into his muscles. Chemo was not really an option as he quit eating, lost his apetite and all mobility. No amount of medication we could give him would save him. He was a fighter for life up to the end. He did not want to leave his family behind.

He passed to the other side this morning around 11:00 AM. My eyes are so full of tears and my heart is so broken, it’s like we have lost a child. Now there is no more pain or suffering for Sandy. We dearly miss you my angel!!


Dad (Sandy) and Daughter (Katie) Sleeping

Sandy, Quinn and Katie - Mom and Dad Teaching Daughter

Sandy and Katie Playing - Father and Daughter

Sandy, Katie and Bob

Sandy and Katie Resting

Sandy and Katie with the Chickens They Loved

Sandy and Katie Playing

Sandy and Katie - His Daughter

Sandy and Quinn - Katies Mother

Sandy with the 3 cats in Johannesburg


2 responses to “My Memorial Page

  1. until one loves an animal a part of their heart remains unopen

    our beloved jack russel named Pixie was sent to sleep last january 2011. she had diabetes (2 injections daily), blind and pancreatitis, left and ride side heart failure. we loved her dearly and she gave us so much love in return. she was a warrioress and faught to the end when we decided to let her sleep peacefully with dignity.

    our hearts awaken when loved by an animal

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