Wildlife of South Africa

There is certainly one advantage to being able to live for a while in South Africa. One gets to see nature and wildlife in it’s natural habitat rather than having to be cooped up in a zoo. No the elephants and lions are NOT roaming the streets as so many believe. They do have natural reserves where most are protected from hunters, poachers and the like, but sometimes you will see them in the most of remote places.

The images below were all taken by me and I have some really fond memories and stories that lie behind the capturing of them, especially the Lion. That is one that I shall never forget how I got it.

Enjoy the pictures!

My very own Special Lion. Has a great story. I scared my now husband to death in getting this picture.

Gemsbok in the Bush

This was a site to witness.

Male Zebra Actually Talking to Female. You could see his mouth moving. It was awesome!

Female Zebra on Rd. She was so close that I could have reached out and touched

Elephant Eating

This Elephant is Walking Towards Me

Elephant Crossing the Road

Elephant in the Bush

A Herd of Elephants

Wart Hog with Elephants at Watering Hole


A Family of Wart Hogs

Wart Hog

Closer view of the Same Babboons

Babboons Walking on the Highway


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