Free E-Books – Many Topics

As it would take up so much room for me to place a page for the various topics of e-books, I have made this page for the topics that are not covered under a specific topic in the drop-down.

These are not written by me, they are free for anyone to use. The e-books have been left in their entirety as I have them in my own personal collection.


8SabbatsofWitchcraft-34 pages    a basic rune course-128 pages     a_18SacredFuthorkRunes-49 pages    Aspects-3 pages   Astro Houses-3 pages   chartpendulum-1 page    hypnosis4newbies-28 pages  Dispelling_Some_Common_Myths_About_Astrology-14 pages   Oceanic_Mind-102 pages   Open_Your_Mind_to_Receive-17 pages   paganxmas-2 pages   pendulumchakrachart-1 page   Pendulums-1 page   Planets-3 pages   SoulsOfDistortion-192 pages    SOBT-229 pages    The_Amber_Witch-91 pages   The_Chart_Wheel-3pages   The_Seven_Basic_Chakras-4 pages    Vedanta_Philosophy-Reincarnation-30 pages     woodwands-3 pages   The_12_Zodiac_Signs-2 pages   Witchcraft_Free_Book-105 Pages


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