Free Tarot E-Books

This page will have free e-books pertaining to Tarot. Most of these usually use the Rider-Waite since this is the Universal preference. As I wrote in my article, I personally prefer the Witches Tarot.

These are NOT written by me, but have been gathered from various FREE resources from around the Internet and I do have them in my personal collection.

Enjoy and Happy Reading!

Symbolism of the Tarot 60 Pages    TarotspellsTalismans-54 pages     AstrologyTarot-11 pages  The_Major_Arcana_cards-4 pages    The_Minor_Arcana-3 pages   Oracle of the Tarot-98 pages   tarot-decans-2 pages   The-Symbolism-of-the-Tarot-Ouspensky-32 pages  the-egyptian-revival-55 pages   KeyToTheTarot-176 pages


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