Free E-Books

As I am always learning and teaching, I come across some very interesting and informative information. I thought you might be interested in some of the things that I have so this page will have some of my actual e-books.

I do not claim these as mine, I did not write them but they have been gathered from FREE resources.

By clicking on the links themselves, they will automatically download to your computer or wherever you have your downloads to go. These will all be in PDF format.

Happy Reading & Learning!

Wicca – The Roots of Witchcraft  This has 221 Pages   Wicca – Witchcraft Today  This has 105 Pages   The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows 102 Pages

Margaret A Murray – The God of the Witches 91 pages   wiccanreadissuemabon-14 pages   Book_One_of_Wicca-62 pages


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