Wine-Liquor Bags History

I would like to introduce you to Wine-Liquor-Bags. These came about as my pet project for the love of sewing & I want to do my part to try and reduce the amount of garbage that gets scattered about Mother Earth each day. We all must do our part to help restore & preserve our Earth for our future human beings.
There is so much waste produced by us on a daily basis & by utilizing our talents, we can help make this a happy and clean environmental planet again.

My Wine-Liquor-Bags are 100% washable, either by hand or machine. They are made with material and the handles too are sewing materials. I use all types of material to create the bags and I try to make sure they are pleasing to the eyes.

I saw a niche market for these bags while living in South Africa. The government started a program where you have to pay for the plastic bags in every shop, the USA is also talking of doing the same & we all know that for the most part the plastic bags rip, fill the landfills & take forever if at all to disintegrate & you take a chance of your groceries spilling out onto the ground or worse. I also have noticed that those same bags are the ones used for everything. After much contemplation,  I designed the bags to hold a bottle of wine or liquor, therefore began the birth of Wine-Liquor-Bags.

The bags not only make a great way to carry home your wine, champagne or liquor out of the prying eyes of your neighbors, but they make an excellent gift bag when you need that something special. Wine-Liquor-Bags are an excellent way to tell someone you care about them and you want to try & do your part to save & restore Mother Earth.

Contact me today & if you wish to place a large order, please let me know.  I am happy to do my part “One Bag @ a Time”.

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