Mike’s relocation expenses


Mike is British, a navy veteran, and is now a legal permanent resident in New England. He is a retired naval aviator (a qualified top gun by specialization) and retired from the Royal Navy as a lieutenant in 1972 before relocating to southern Africa, where he spent 42 years. 15 years ago he met me, his present wife (who hails from North Carolina) on the Internet. When he retired from his High School Administration job in 2005 he used his retirement money to purchaseus a small farm in South Africa’s Eastern Cape and started a woodworking business with me as well as writing for the Internet. I was forced to return to the USA in 2012 when my passport was about to expire – Mike stayed behind in order to sell the farm. Because of the financial climate he eventually only managed to sell it at a great loss two years later. In 2014 Mike relocated to New Hampshire where I was then living with his daughter and three grandchildren. He was granted permanent residence in March of 2015 and has been trying unsuccessfully to get employment ever since then. Despite officially not being supposed to discriminate about age etc., it is quite obvious that many companies and organizations do so.

All of Mike’s available savings have gone into paying for immigration expenses, airfares and medical expenses (he has had double spine surgery and is diagnosed as being a 50% disabled British veteran) and he will not be eligible for any Social Security benefits or Medicare for at least another 2½ years. Mike desperately needs funding for a vehicle as he is stuck at home all day, and for re-equipping a small woodworking workshop in order to make a little income from a home industry. We are currently renting a small house and find it extremely difficult to make ends meet.

We set up a gofundme page, with not even 1cent of help. We still need help if anyone reading this happens to have a few extra $s sitting around that they need to put to good use, simply drop an email to me and I will get the proper info to you. I do not put this kind of info out to the general population. We will also be most grateful to anyone who is willing to help us out in this situation. We understand a lot of people are somewhat in the same boat, but perhaps someone can and will help us.

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