Spirituality Links

Spirituality Is What You Believe!

The links on this page will be for all forms of spirituality. When something pertains ONLY to WICCA, you will find it under the Wicca Links, but here these will pertain to all forms, be it Yoga, Meditation, Shamanism etc. There may be some Wicca mixed into their pages, but this will not be classified here as only Wicca.

Some of these sites may contain information on the Dark Arts, I do not deal in that area for personal reasons, but I never condemn anyone else for their beliefs, so if you are not interested in that area or in anything on the links, then simply don’t go to it. You are the one in control of your life, no one forces you to make any decisions but yourself.

Enjoy and Be Blessed no matter what your belief is, as long as you do believe.

www.themodernwitch.com     www.7witchescoven.com       www.sagsun.com

www.store.sagsun.com This is her online shop. Really nice and reasonably priced.


www.windsofchange.asia She has an awesome 100 page Book on her website called “Love is the Key” I have this e-book, but am not allowed to share it with you. I recommend that you visit her site and get your copy. It is well worth the read.

www.behealedforever.com This lady has a couple of books on her website that may be of interest to you. Her website is packed with information so my best advice is to go check it out.

www.findyourfate.com  This website deals with a lot of spirituality, horoscope/astrology and many things to help make your life and your inner soul a better and happier place in which to survive.

http://ladyamythyst.webs.com  This website is filled with tried and true information whether you are a novice or an ole hand at the craft. I feel that no matter how long one has been practicing, there is always something that can be learned from someone else. There is no one in the world who knows it all.

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