Free Sewing Patterns and E-Books

These are some of the sewing patterns I have in my collection. These are NOT my own patterns, but they are FREE from around the Internet. These will be in a PDF format, so make sure you have a PDF reader, if not look around the Internet and download a Free one. Most computers already have one, but just in case you don’t, you can always get one free.

Enjoy and Happy Sewing!

easy_lunch_tote-sewing-8 pages  6 Back to School Sewing Projects-28 pages   6 Holiday Sewing Ideas Celebrate a DIY 4th of July-26 pages   6 Sewing Projects for Christmas eBook    7 Easy Valentine’s Day Sewing Projects-24 pages   8-Easter-Sewing-Projects-eBook-26 pages   9 Ways to Transform Old T-Shirts-sewing-26 pages   Sewing-Blogger-eBook-67 pages   The-Sewn-Christmas-Gifts-Guide-eBook-36 pages   Sewing-for-Beginners-eBook-57 pages  chefs hat-childs apron-sewing-2 pages   CKEasyHat-sewing-2 pages   CraftsScarves-sewing-2 page  EasyFleeceHat-sewing-1 page  Head Scarf like Snood-sewing-2 pages   HeadWrapProject-sewing-3 pages   How to Cover a Belly Dance Bra-sewing-4 pages  How to Make a Hip Scarf-sewing-5 pages  scarf-sewing-2 pages

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