Knitting is Very Relaxing and Fun

Knitting, like crochet is the art and craft of taking threads or yarns and making cloth, clothing, handbags, home decor, household products, toys and more. As with crochet the possibilities are endless.

Knitting requires the use of usually two straight instrutments, referred to as needles. The points are not sharp like a sewing needle, but blunt.

Depending upon the pattern and product that you are making, the instructions will advise you as to what size needle is required to handle the project.

Knitting is like weaving, as you are producing various patterns together to form a specific look and you are also working with loops similiar to crochet, yet different.

Knitting can be done by hand, which is the most common method or you can use a device called a knitting machine. Although knitting machines produce wonderful results and you can produce a product faster, this writer actually prefers the hand method; although if someone offered me a free machine, I would not turn it down. 🙂

Some of your basic stitches in knitting are as follows:







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